Always on. Always monitoring.

VigilWatch is a simple hosted platform to make Alarm Management easy, and handle notifications and SLAs effectively when your enterprise communication systems have an Incident, large or small.


Proactive support

Our platform frees up your NOC resources by running standard tests and will resolve a large majority of alarms automatically.


Email notifications depicting the alarm, the affected system, and a description of what the cryptic alarm codes mean are issued with every alarm.

Alarm Management

See a dashboard of all your alarms, both current and historical.

SLA management

Set your own notification rules based on types of received alarms and escalate to ensure incidents that might breach SLA are escalated early to get the right attention in your organization.

Parent-Child ticket association

You can choose one ticket to be the parent and associate child tickets underneath. Now when you can just close or update one ticket, saving your NOC precious time to focus on resolution.


Software Release

Management Receive monthly reports on SRM so you know when you are not current on patches and software updates. We take the pain out of determining whether Avaya PSN020346u is important to you or not and tell you whether a patch or update is relevant to you.

Capacity Management

Understand how you are using your CTE platform and plan ahead to accommodate for growth. We will grow with you, but you still need to ensure your UC platform is licensed to grow with you too. We give you the tools to do that.

Asset Management

Get regular reports of the assets in your enterprise communication platform. Make decisions about end of life replacement.

Personalize your solution


Customize your email notification templates to be tailored for your ITSM tool. Customize the escalations based on which system or which type of alarm if being received.


Configure who gets alerted and how often. Configure proactive testing. Configure how regular reports are run. Configure, go figure.
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